About Me

Discover my positive energy, sensual ease and stamina, embodied in a very healthy, vital and fit physique.  I am a body positive person who is attracted to and appreciative of all ages, races and body types. I am open to getting to know real people and see the attractiveness within. Good energy is contagious and always makes for a great connection, and I love connections between people that make them feel comfortable and adventurous. I am light-hearted and view my sensuality as a form of freedom and fun. I am emotionally stable and a very caring person. My interaction with you will both be genuine and tailored to leave you feeling totally satisfied—on your terms and for the amount of time you desire. 

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A perfect date starts out with a few cocktails, followed by a relaxing dinner. After dinner, we spend time together, just walking and having thoughtful, intimate conversation. Next, my date receives a wonderfully sensual massage — tailored to get his/her juices flowing. Finally, we end the evening together, so we can wake to the sunrise. 

Dates & Rates

I am available for a quiet time at your place where we can connect. I’d love to have dinner, lunch, go out, travel, date, or am available for a couple experience. I am available for modeling, male/male photo shoots and adult film work. Having a dinner/house party? I can be a male attendant.
(You can see I’m very versatile!)

We can catch up at your place or I can host you somewhere that is mutually convenient. I am also ready to fly to or with you for a fun-filled extended date where we can really get to know each other. I really enjoy the BFE. I am also available to be your steady date, for a chance for us to really grow our relationship over time. This is a fun opportunity for us go to deeper.

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